Catherine Tate attends the screening of The Nan in Character


Catherine Tate attended the screening of the film The Nan as famous character Joannie Taylor while sporting a Ukrainian flag scarf as a nod to the ongoing conflict.

The 52-year-old actress transformed into character for the screening at the Ham Yard Hotel in London on Tuesday night, wearing prosthetics, orthopedic shoes and a wig.

The character first appeared on The Catherine Tate Show on BBC Two in the early 2000s before making several television appearances.

Mathew Horne, who plays his grandson Jamie, told the PA news agency that the film was a “milestone” moment for Tate.

“It was really fun, quite emotional, we’ve been doing it for 20 years.

“There were a lot of laughs and it was a big milestone for her.

“It’s great to see Nan become a character in the long form and it’s great to see the origins of the character, which is why it was such a milestone for her, so I’m thrilled for her.”

Jack Doolan, Niky Wardley, Catherine Tate (as Nan), Mathew Horne and Pete Bennett arrive for the special screening of The Nan Movie (Suzan Moore/PA)

The film follows Nan and her grandson on a road trip to Ireland in an effort to make amends with her sister Nell, played by Katherine Parkinson.

Tate told PA: “I’m made up. It was absolutely fantastic, I had the time of my life, lots of laughs.

“It was really great, I’m excited.”

Former Big Brother winner Pete Bennett – who plays Bradley, a character with Tourette syndrome – said the film was a “highlight of his career”.

Special Screening The Nan – London
Catherine Tate with Pete Bennett (Suzan Moore/PA)

He told PA: “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever worked on.

“Suddenly Catherine Tate was auditioning people with Tourette’s disease to come and get involved, it was a bad experience.

“Mostly getting the part and swearing to each other in auditions and she loves it, we got on really well, we bounced back.

“It was crazy, hundreds of people working on one stage, a completely different experience, I loved it.

“I practically played myself, I had to fake my Tourette in the film, which I found quite difficult actually, I found it harder to fake my Tourette than to do real real ones.”


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