Cartoon Movie 2022 will host 57 feature film projects


After deliberation on 144 projects submitted by the Selection Committee, 2022 animated film has planned 57 animated feature film projects participate in the spring pitch-fest, totaling a budget of € 266.3 million (~ US $ 300 million) and 77 hours animation. The event will be held March 8-10 in Bordeaux, France.

This year’s film crop is supported by 19 main producing countries. Regionally, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway) provide 10, while nine others come from Central and Eastern European countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland).

  • 15 projects from France
  • 8 – Spain
  • 5 each – Belgium, Norway
  • 3 – Czech Republic
  • 2 each – Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal
  • 1 each – Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Family films dominate the selection with 28 projects (49%), followed very closely by stories for young adults / adults (21, 37%), with another single project aimed specifically at adolescents and seven (12%) created for children. Most of the projects are currently in development (41%) or in concept (33%), with 14% still in production and 12% ready for a preview.

The Bordeaux region is represented by nine projects led by New Aquitaine region:

  • In the waves (produced by Silex Films, France)
  • Live big (produced by Barletta, Czech Republic – co-produced by Novanima Productions, France)
  • Marie Louise (produced by Pictack Cie, France)
  • March Express (produced by Everybody on Deck, France)
  • Melvile (produced by Need productions, Belgium – co-produced by Creative Touch Studios & Les Films d’Ici, France)
  • My grandfather’s demons (produced by Sardinha em Lata, Portugal – co-produced by Midralgar Films, France)
  • Porcelain Birds (produced by Miyu Productions, France)
  • Trip to Teulada (produced by Isla Productions – co-produced by 2d3D Animations, France)
  • Unicorn wars (Abano Producións, Spain – co-produced by Schmuby Productions, France)

The lineup also highlights new projects from established studios and creators. Director Remi Chayé will present his latest project Flower, as will Claude barras with You are not the one i expected, Edmunds janson with Born happy and Joe miguel robeiro with Nayola. Xilam will pitch their new project the migrant, while Ankama will bring their new functionality Princess Reinette. Some projects return to Cartoon Movie after further development: The astonishing Maurice, directed by Tony genkel, and Star seed, directed by Anca Damien.

More information on participating projects available at

Registration is now open for Cartoon Movie 2022 here.


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