Belfast sports tech start-up Pitchbooking gets £550,000


Pitchbooking aims to become the “Airbnb of sports facility booking” and will use the funding to grow its team and expand its services.

Belfast startup Pitch reservation has raised £550,000 in a new funding round to develop its facility and event booking software and grow its business.

The funding round was led by Dominic Hughes and Tom Page of Vertex Albion Capital. Other participants include Co-Fund NI, footballer Taylor Moore, Cecil Hetherington and Anthony Kieran of Aurient Investment and Paul Demarco of Marco’s Leisure and World of Football.

Former Startup of the Week, Pitchbooking has developed a platform that provides better access to sports facilities for the public while streamlining internal processes for the facility owner.

Located on Lisburn Road in Belfast, Pitchbooking aims to become “the Airbnb for booking sports facilities”. The start-up was launched in 2018 with Oxford City Council as its first major client. In 2019, Pitchbooking secured £250,000 in its first round of funding.

Pitchbooking currently has 15 municipal clients and works with hundreds of independent venues. The company is associated with over 1,200 facilities in the UK and Ireland, including councils, schools, amateur sports clubs and leisure centres.

The company also runs programs for the Irish Football Association through a partnership with the association and its event sponsors. Pitchbooking CEO and co-founder Shae O’Hagan said a surge in growth had recently kicked off for the company.

“In the past six months, we’ve signed more clients than in the previous three years,” O’Hagan said. “They’re starting to wake up to a modern approach to managing their facilities.”

O’Hagen said the new funding will be used to expand the business to reach as many facilities and events as possible. The funding round will help develop Pitchbooking’s facility and event booking software.

Pitchbooking also aims to hire more vendors, developers, and grow the company’s “customer success team.”

“We already have a lot of partners across the UK, but we want to grow the team to grow further,” O’Hagen said. “We hope to double the size of the team within the first year following the investment.”

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