Beginning of outdoor movie nights in Ayvalık


The most exciting films that have won awards at global festivals this year will be screened in Ayvalık, a charming Aegean town in Balıkesir province, at an open-air event from July 8 to 17. Organized by Seyir Association with the contribution of Ayvalık Municipality, the outdoor movie nights will show the films in the garden of the new building of Ayvalık Municipality (which used to be a tax office), overlooking the sea of azure.

As part of Ayvalık’s open-air movie nights, films that have screened at major festivals including Venice, Cannes, Sundance and Berlin, and made a splash at the Oscars and Golden Globes will be presented to moviegoers. The outdoor event will screen 11 films over 10 days.

This image released by MGM shows Cooper Hoffman in a scene from the movie “Licorice Pizza.” (AP Photo)

Among the productions screened during Ayvalık’s outdoor movie nights is director Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Licorice Pizza”, which was nominated for Oscars and Golden Globe Awards in many categories and was selected as one of the top 10 films. of 2021 by the American Film Institute. The film takes audiences back to 1973 and is a coming-of-age story about two young people with their dreams and life struggles. Putting the concept of first love in the spotlight, “Licorice Pizza” reflects the important political and social developments of the time, accompanied by wonderful music.

The son of famed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim are proving they’ll be Hollywood’s next stars with their first starring roles in film. Hailed by critics as the funniest and most personal film of Anderson’s 30-year career, “Licorice Pizza” also features appearances from Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper as larger-than-life characters during a been of misdeeds involving waterbeds, pinball machines, gasoline shortages, and city politics.

Dario Argento as father (L), Kylian Dheret as grandson (CL), Alex Lutz as son (CR) and Françoise Lebrun as mother in a scene from the film

Dario Argento as father (L), Kylian Dheret as grandson (CL), Alex Lutz as son (CR) and Françoise Lebrun as mother in a scene from the film “Vortex”. (Ap Photo)

“Vortex,” which premiered at Cannes like previous Gaspar Noe films and won the Golden Tulip at this year’s Istanbul Film Festival, is among the stars of Ayvalık’s open-air movie nights. The intimate aging drama examines what it means to lose your memory, bit by bit. The film, shot by Noe after narrowly escaping a brain hemorrhage and contracting COVID-19, focuses on the final days of an elderly couple in love with dementia. The director uses the split-screen technique throughout the film, which allows us to see two characters who are in different places at the same time. It shows how two people struggling with the aging process and illness can become out of sync.

Directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known as the Daniels, who have a huge fan base after their award-winning film ‘Swiss Army Man’, skillfully blend the genres of sci-fi, comedy and drama. adventure in their latest film “Everything Everywhere All Immediately.” The production invites viewers on a journey into the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, as its title suggests. The film tells how Evelyn, who seems to have an ordinary life, at some point goes to the chaos of the multiverse, takes on a lot of characters and turns into a kind of superhero. Michelle Yeoh is fascinated by critics in the production’s lead role.

This image posted by A24 shows Michelle Yeoh (left) and Jing Li in a scene from the film

This image posted by A24 shows Michelle Yeoh (L) and Jing Li in a scene from the movie ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’. (AP Photo)

“Alcarras”, which this year won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the Berlin Film Festival, bears the signature of Carla Simon. After his film “Summer 1993”, which attracted a lot of attention, Simon once again tells a story through the eyes of children. Depicting the Catalan side of the land struggle of farmers in different corners of the world, the director shot the film in his own village, Alcarras, and the farmers of this village also took part in the film.

“Alcarras” follows the story of the Sole clan, a large, tight-knit family who spend their summers picking peaches in their orchard in a small village. But when threatened with eviction due to new plans for the land, which include cutting down peach trees and installing solar panels, the family members begin to drift apart. Variety called it “a charming and bittersweet agricultural drama”, praising “Simon’s warm affinity for this alternately parched and verdant landscape”.

This image posted by A24 shows Stephanie Hsu (L), Michelle Yeoh (C) and Ke Huy Quan in a scene from

This image posted by A24 shows Stephanie Hsu (L), Michelle Yeoh (C) and Ke Huy Quan in a scene from “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” (AP Photo)

“Flee” directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, which was nominated for Best International Film, Best Documentary and Best Animation at the Oscars this year, received numerous awards including the World Cinema Jury Grand Prize: Documentary at the Festival from the Sundance movie. Blending hand-drawn animated sequences with real archival footage, the film tells the story of Amin Nawabi, a successful 36-year-old academic who came to Europe as a refugee as a child.

Written and directed by Eskil Vogt, who won the Golden Tulip at the Istanbul Film Festival in 2014 with his ‘Blind One’ and wrote the screenplays for many films like ‘The Worst Person in the World’, hailed moviegoers of his second film “The Innocents”. World premiering in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the film promises a journey into the terrifying secret worlds of children. The production is set in the bright northern summer and follows the story of four children playing games when adults are not looking or seeing.Their dark and supernatural powers appear and cause mysterious and scary events.

A still from the movie

An image from the film “The Innocents”.

“The Lost Daughter” is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut and is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante. In the production, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley and Dakota Johnson dazzle with impressive performances. The plot centers on Leda Caruso, who decides to take a vacation on her own and rents an apartment on the Greek island of Spetses. Occasionally flirting with Will, a handsome Irish student working at the beach bar, and Lyle, the janitor, the 48-year-old researcher brought him work to keep him company. But signs abound that the idyllic atmosphere is just an illusion, as the camera zooms in on fruit laid out in a bowl in Leda’s apartment which has begun to rot at the bottom.

Soon, a vulgar and menacing Greek-American family arrives, taking over the quiet beach Leda likes to visit. She begins to observe Nina, a pretty woman played by Dakota Johnson who seems to remember Leda when she struggles with her demanding baby girl. The film jumps back and forth between Leda’s current life and a younger self, played by Jessie Buckley, slowly revealing what happened between Leda and her daughters.

This image released by Netflix shows Olivia Colman in a scene from the film

This image released by Netflix shows Olivia Colman in a scene from the movie “The Lost Daughter.” (AP Photo)

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “Joker,” and child actor Woody Norman, “C’mon C’mon” is a touching and heartwarming road movie. Directed by Mike Mills, the film builds its story around the special bond between Johnny and his nephew during their journey.

Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Parallel Mothers’, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and won Penelope Cruz the Best Actress award in Venice, focuses on two women waiting to give birth in the same bedroom. hospital. This coincidence gives another direction to the complex and changing lives of the two women, making them impossible to break up with each other.

South Korean filmmaker Kogonada’s ‘After Yang’, which won the Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Film Festival and the Alfred P. Sloan Award at the Sundance Film Festival, is set in a future where artificial intelligence has entered our lives. . Colin Farrel stars as the father and Jodie Turner-Smith plays the mother, who tries to fix their daughter’s android friend, Yang, when it breaks down.

A still from the movie

A still from the movie “Parallel Mothers”.

Films will be screened at 9:30 p.m. each evening. On July 15, when two films are presented, screenings will start at 9 p.m.

Ayvalık Outdoor Movie Nights will also screen “Pil’s Adventures” for children. Directed by Julien Fournet, the film tells the crazy adventure of Pil, a little orphan living on the street, to save Prince Roland, who has become half-cat, half-chicken following a spell. The animated film will be screened with a Turkish dub and will start at 9 p.m., earlier than the other films

Tickets are on sale at for 50 TL. Open-air cinema evenings will meet the public in Urladam from July 22 to July 31 after Ayvalık.


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