2023 striker JP Estrella honored with Notre Dame offer


JP Estrella certainly saw his stock increase last weekend as the 2023 power forward from Maine and his Middlesex Magic AAU team put in impressive performances in Indianapolis in the inaugural Under Armor Association session.

Over the weekend alone, the 6-foot-11, 210-pounder saw his purse ballooning as he added offers from Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Maryland, Cal and Xavier.

Those go with offers he has already received from schools like Boston College, Iowa, Marquette, Penn State, Providence, Syracuse, Tennessee, and Harvard, among others.

Middlesex Magic head coach Mike Crotty has a strong relationship with Notre Dame staff, having sent several players to South Bend over the years, including Pat Connaughton, Cormac Ryan and rookie Dom Campbell.

Crotty is the one who informed Estrella that Mike Brey’s staff was offering.

“It was kind of crazy,” Estrella said. “I didn’t really expect that to happen. My good buddy Dom is going. I FaceTimed her in the parking lot. He was pretty hyped about it. It was a really good experience that I got to have with some guys from Middlesex which was really nice.

“It’s a pretty big school; big school football, big school basketball. You must be excited about each one. There is always excitement in the air when something new arrives. But I was truly honored to have this one from such great staff.

Crotty and Campbell had very positive things to say about Notre Dame.

“Coach Crotty just said it’s a great program, they have great basketball, great coaching staff, great coaching staff,” Estrella said.

“Dom absolutely loved it there when he went. He can’t wait. I can’t wait to see him on big TV next year, playing for them. He really likes it there, which is great to hear.

Estrella plans to start building relationships with the South Bend coaches and will try to find a time to come out for a visit. He has already taken non-officials to schools like Providence, Tennessee, Harvard, Syracuse and BC.

He is trying to figure out which schools he wants to go to on officials.

College coaches see Estrella as a stretch-4 with the ability to play in other positions.

“Some of them want me in the 3, some in the 5,” he said. “Right now it’s anywhere between 3 and 5. I think I’ll probably end up being around the stretch-4 position.

“They really like my versatility and they like my defensive efforts and my size and my rim protection, my high IQ. Another big one is being as mobile as a big one. I’m really athletic and mobile for such a big guy. It’s something that I think college coaches really like.

Estrella knows what he is looking for in a school.

“The most important thing for me is the culture part. This is really a big problem for me. May it not just be a basketball team and a college classroom, just like a supportive family, who I can talk to on my good days and my bad days, just to support me and with whom I can create unforgettable memories. ”

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