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It is not surprising that the child of a famous actor decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps. Growing up on movie sets and listening to their parents talk about their work is enough to make them want to become actors themselves. However, just because they have a famous name does not mean that they inherited the talent from their famous families.

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In Hollywood, there is a clear distinction between those who rely on their parents’ fame to land roles and those who have the talent and motivation to be successful in acting. Those who are motivated often succeed despite their famous names, proving that they have what it takes to be successful in show business.


Maya Hawke – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Manson cult group photo from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Maya Hawke’s career has only just begun, but there is no doubt that a great acting capacity is in her genes. With parents like Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, it looks like Maya was destined to be in the movies. Both of her parents are Oscar nominated actors with long and successful careers in the industry.

In 2020, Maya made it big with a small role in Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to Tinseltown, Once upon a time in hollywood. In the film, she plays a young member of the Manson family who recedes in a wave of murders.

Riley Keough – Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy, Rosie Hunington-Whiteley, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee and Courtney Eaton in

As Riley Keough marked her supporting role in the Mad Max reboot in 2015, she already had several feature films and short films on her CV. In the action film, she plays Capable, one of Immortan Joe’s wives.

Keough is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and the granddaughter of iconic singer Elvis Presley. Elvis has also had a successful acting career with films such as Prison rock and Creole king.

Billie Lourd – Booksmart

Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd in Booksmart

While there are countless hilarious moments in Olivia Wilde’s teen comedy Booksmart, Billie Lourd’s outrageous character Gigi stands out from the crowd. She’s completely overdone and with her eccentricities, she seems the least likely to enter an Ivy-league school. Lourd goes all out in this role and proves to the audience that she has a comedic talent.

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Lourd is the daughter of the famous Star wars actress Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Oscar nominated actress Debbie Reynolds. Lourd appeared alongside his mother in the last Star wars trilogy.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. – Straight out of Compton

Straight-Outta-Compton O'Shea-Jackson-Jr.

When it came to doing a biopic on iconic hip hop group NWA, there was no better person to play Ice Cube than his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. Not only does Jackson Jr. strongly resemble Cube, he’s also proven he has the acting chops for a serious lead role.

Straight out of Compton went on to receive numerous accolades, including the Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and the Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Best Cast in a Motion Picture.

Bryce Dallas Howard – 50/50

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bryce Dallas Howard in 50 50

50/50 is a comedy based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s experience with cancer. It tells the story of Adam, an otherwise healthy man who leans on his best friend, who is played by Seth Rogen when doctors find a cancerous tumor on his spine. Unlike many melodramatic cancer movies, 50/50 takes a heartwarming and hilarious approach.

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Bryce Dallas, the daughter of director and former sitcom star Ron Howard, plays Rachael, Adam’s girlfriend who breaks up with him because she can’t give him the emotional support he needs. While audiences may ultimately dislike Rachael, Bryce Dallas plays her like an imperfect human being rather than a complete monster.

Dakota Johnson – A Bigger Splash

Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson stand together in A Bigger Splash.

Looking at Dakota Johnson’s family members, it becomes apparent that she is part of Hollywood royalty. Her parents are Oscar nominated actress Melanie Griffith and famous actor Don Johnson, her maternal grandmother is Alfred Hitchock’s principal lady Tippi Hedren, and her ex-stepfather is Antonio Banderas.

Dakota has appeared in several films since her first role in the Oscar nominated film Social network, but his most interesting film to date is A bigger splash, the English remake of the French film The swimming pool. In this psychological thriller, she plays Penelope, a sensual young woman who seduces an older man.

John David Washington – BlackKkKlansman

Oscar winner Denzel Washington’s son John David Washinton made his screen debut in his father’s film Malcolm X in 1992. He was 8 years old. In 2018, John David had his big break with his role in the Oscar-winning film BlackKkKlansman. In the film, John David plays Ron Stallworth, the first black officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department who infiltrates the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

His stellar performance in the film led to new career opportunities. This includes the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s time travel blockbuster. Principle and the main role in the modern romantic black and white film Malcolm and Marie.

Domhnall Gleeson – Ex Machina

Domhnall Gleeson is the son of Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, best known for his role as MadEye Moody in the Harry potter series. Domhnall has appeared in a number of blockbuster films, the last two of which Harry potter movie theater.

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His best film, however, is the science fiction film of 2014. Ex Machina in which he plays Caleb, a man who is enlisted for a social experiment involving an artificial intelligence robot named Ava. The film was praised for its visual effects and for how it advanced the conversation about humanity’s relationship to technology.

Laura Dern – Marriage Story

Laura Dern, the daughter of actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern, is one of the best actresses of her generation. Her nearly 50-year career, which is still flourishing, has seen her in almost all types of films, including independent films, blockbusters and award-winning dramas.

In 2020, she finally received an Oscar for her role as a fierce divorce lawyer in the drama. Marriage story. Although her role has not been as important as the two protagonists, she manages to steal every scene she finds herself in.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Since Jamie Lee Curtis’ parents are Janet Leigh, whose shower scene in psychopath is completely iconic, and Tony Curtis, well known for his hilarious role in Some like it hot, it’s no surprise that she has been successful in multiple genres.

Her most famous role is that of Laurie in the 1978 horror film. Halloween. Jamie Lee’s performance as the strong-willed final girl solidified her position as Screaming Queen and led to seven sequels. The next and possibly the last film in the franchise, Halloween ends, should be released in 2022.

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