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Provide a state-of-the-art learning experience to build a complete picture of future trends that cultivates innovation. Our user-friendly patent search is for students, instructors, and libraries.

Provide a competitive, state-of-the-art learning experience with InnovationQ Plus®.

Libraries at colleges and universities around the world subscribe to InnovationQ Plus® as part of their mission to provide a competitive, advanced, and state-of-the-art learning experience.

For Students:

Our proprietary semantic search engine is a powerful yet intuitive search platform, delivering relevant patent documents and technical literature with speed and accuracy. Student can browse search results and cultivate portfolios for research projects with ease.

For Instructors and Research Groups:

InnovationQ Plus® delivers a deep awareness of the technology landscape. Our proprietary software offers the ability for instructors to teach the value of reviewing patents as a critical part of research.

Libraries and University-Wide Systems:

InnovationQ Plus® offers a platform for collaboration and information sharing. It can link scientific, engineering, and business academics with incubators and innovation centers to power collaborative research.

Innovation Centers and Technology Transfer Offices:

Surface incredible insights without complex queries with InnovationQ Plus®. Innovation centers and technology transfer offices can easily identify licensing targets or help licensees find their technology.

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