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Research and Development

Increase efficiency with real-time invention novelty scoring. Gain competitor and market position insights to accelerate the intellectual property decision-making process and bring your innovations to market faster.

Bringing your innovation to market faster is the name of the game.

With hundreds of ideas being generated weekly, review and evaluation is a timely and expensive process. Increase internal efficiencies with’s innovation assessment and strategy tools, reducing outsourcing costs and improving patentability. Our solutions help R&D teams shorten the innovation cycle and bring your innovations to market – before your competitors.

Technology Vitality Report

Our Technology Vitality Report is ideal for product engineers, R&D departments, and research scientists. This innovation assessment is an unbiased and efficient way to determine idea viability prior to drafting invention disclosures. Assess the 100 most comparable patents or applications and review a trend line of competitive terms. Identify novel concepts that can give you the advantage or let you know if your competitors are already active in the landscape.

InnovationQ Plus®

InnovationQ Plus® compliments a research and development department. Guide your team’s innovation strategy with InnovationQ Plus to:

  • Increase the speed with which you bring your innovation to market.
  • Grade invention disclosures before moving forward.
  • Generate professional, business-ready reports to justify data and findings.
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