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IP Professionals

Determine patent or portfolio evaluation metrics with diagnostic analytics and comprehensive patent search services. Find relevant art, map white space, and visualize competitive activity.

A company’s intellectual property is one of its most important assets.

Increase shareholder value with comprehensive intellectual property analysis and valuation.’s suite of solutions helps IP professionals optimize, monetize, and protect patent portfolios.

Our solutions help you quickly find relevant art, map the competitive space using our semantic map, and determine patent or portfolio value. Diagnostic analytics and IP valuation tools guide IP professionals through the process of monetizing innovation.

InnovationQ Plus®

IP discovery that’s simple, effective, and profitable with InnovationQ Plus®.

  • Review a competitor’s patent, technical, and financial data on a global scale.
  • Find potential new revenue streams and licensing opportunities. 
  • Build, update, and monitor competitors’ patent portfolios.
  • Reduce liability and litigation risks.
  • Send alerts on new topics, new correlations, or changes in direction.
  • Provide results through a wide range of visualization tools.
Patent Vitality Report

Our Patent Vitality Report gives patent owners, buyers, and sellers an objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio. It provides compelling, actionable insights about a portfolio’s strength in four key dimensions: novelty, strength within a technology space, market position, and competitive position.