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Get the insights and answers you need to reach the next stage of the innovation lifecycle. Our suite of products and services is designed for IP professionals, research and development teams, inventors and entrepreneurs, and more.
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IP Professionals

Optimize, monetize, and protect patent portfolios with our suite of products and services. We help IP professionals determine patent or portfolio value with diagnostic analytics, ultimately increasing shareholder value.

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Research & Development

Bring your innovations to market faster! Position your research and development team to increase internal efficiency, reduce outsourcing costs, and improve patentability with’s solutions.

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Fulfill your mission to provide a competitive, advanced, and state-of-the-art learning experience. Students, instructors, libraries, and innovation centers benefit from our accurate, user-friendly patent search tools.

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Business & Strategy

Make strategic business decisions, backed by competitive analysis, technology trends, and patent and litigation data. Protect and maximize your intellectual property with’s business intelligence products and services.

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Send your patent searches to our U.S.-based innovation experts and get the information you need. Our team is well-versed in advanced search technologies, classification searching, and industry-specific terminology.

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