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Communicating with the C-Suite: Innovative Approaches to Strategic Portfolio Development Process

IPWatchdog and had a conversation about the most effective approaches being used today to visualize and analyze competitive IP landscapes and how IP departments can and should communicate with the C-suite to best deliver work product that supports the overall corporate objectives.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In The Invention Disclosure Process

For many years Boolean Logic has been the gold standard for searching for patents and invention disclosures, and for some it still is.  But as every patent professional knows, Boolean Logic, as good as it is, has significant limitations. Indeed, relevant content necessary to make accurate evaluations can often be excluded from even the most intensive searches.

Protect Your Most Important Asset – Intellectual Property

In any modern enterprise, but especially in the engineering industries, the generation of knowledge is the fundamental metric of enterprise value. That knowledge, aggregated as software code, engineering drawings, specifications, methods, procedures, and management structures, defines the business, whether it is a single engineer consultancy or a giant manufacturing firm.

A Faster Way to Find and Validate New Ideas

For companies large and small, engineers and scientists are the life blood of innovation – from the development of new ideas to drafting winning invention disclosures – and they are often pressured by time constraints. Learn how new AI tools can increase the speed and quality of problem solving and idea output.

Facilitating & Augmenting Innovation w/ Artificial Intelligence

Join Gene Quinn, the founder of and one of the top IP strategists in the world, for a wide-ranging conversation about facilitating and augmenting invention disclosures using artificial intelligence.

Innovation Triage: Identifying What is Ripe to Pursue Today

Innovation requires resources, and resources will become hard to come by in the coming months and quarters as the result of the global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Indeed, during times of economic turmoil businesses of all sizes feel immense pressure to cut back on unnecessary spending. But what exactly is “unnecessary spending” for innovative companies?

Looking Under the Hood: AI and the Evolution of Search

Ever wonder what is happening under the AI hood? Or, how it has evolved in the last few years into what it is today? An area of exploding growth is in the use of AI tools in the Intellectual Property space.

Automating Your Innovation Workflow

Learn about the cutting-edge AI-enabled methodology that performs real-time evaluation and scoring of invention disclosures for novelty and market position.

Leveraging AI, Patent & Technical Data to Drive Business Decisions

In this session, Jasmindar Brar joins us from Titan Medical to discuss how companies of all sizes are leveraging artificial intelligence to make better R&D, Innovation, Strategy and Intellectual Property decisions.