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Patent Landscape

Identify key patent relationships and trends within specific technology sectors, or among specific competitors.
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Our landscapes provide executives, technologists, and investors with actionable intelligence regarding the extent to which competitors are protecting innovations in key technology areas.

Our reports provide a foundation of valuable intelligence necessary for supporting strategic business and investment decisions.

Reasons to Do a Patent Landscape
  • Identification of White Space
  • Identification of Market Trends
  • Discovery of Emerging Technologies
  • Uncover What Your Competitors are Working on
  • Communicate Trends Effectively
  • Opportunities for In-Licensing
  • Targets for Out-Licensing

Project Methodology

  • Collaborate and agree on the scope of the customized research.
  • Establish the metrics, visualizations, and the targeted audience.
  • Comprehensive research into relevant patent and technical literature.
  • Provide customized analytics, visualizations, summaries, and conclusions in an executive presentation format.

Our Approach

Our approach is to start with a broad landscape followed by increasingly refined analytics at several levels of detail.

Our reports will:
  • Identify the key players in specific technology areas.
  • Detect relationships, overlaps, and gaps in IP.
  • Incorporate quantitative metrics and qualitative summaries.
  • Integrate multivariate visualizations and mappings to illustrate critical relationships and key concepts.
  • Summarize the results into an easy-to-understand executive level presentations.
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