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Portfolio Intelligence Report

Assess your patent portfolio, IP strategy, and competitive advantage with customized intelligence delivered by our Portfolio Intelligence Report.
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Stay ahead of competitors and optimize your IP strategy with innovation intelligence.

Are you looking to vet an acquisition candidate or identify competitors’ key technologies? Or, are you trying to understand your own portfolio for critical decisions, such as finding exceptional patents from your existing assets or assessing renewals and maintenance fee payments? 

Our Portfolio Intelligence Report (PIR) can help you quickly rank and understand portfolios of patented and patent-pending technologies. The results of this IP assessment allow you to identify critical innovations. 

Our innovation intelligence leverages objective AI-based scoring across a variety of metrics derived from the closest technologies. The PIR is powered by T7 Authority Analysis, offering near-global coverage using Gist®, and ensuring the breadth and depth needed to do research.Using a combination of leading and lagging indicators of relevance, the PIR provides valuable data points across the lifecycle of innovation, for your technologies new and old.

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The Practical Application of Statistical Quality Scoring on Business Decision-Making

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