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IQ Ideas+™ 2.0

A unique, scalable, AI-powered solution to optimize, streamline, and accelerate innovation.
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A Simpler Way to Better Results

What if you could create innovation at a fraction of the cost and improve your bottom line? What if you could harness cutting-edge AI to accelerate a competitive advantage? What if you could do all this with one solution?

Keeping up with the pace of global innovation is a challenge, and the associated costs, time, and complexities can be daunting in today’s economy. To stay competitive, you need to take control of these challenges and minimize business risks. Traditional IP search tools don’t serve the areas where you can have the greatest impact – the creation, collaboration, and evaluation steps of IP.

Introducing IQ Ideas+™ 2.0, a part of the solution suite.

Innovation Productivity Starts Here

IQ Ideas+ is a cloud-based, AI-powered solution, designed to help engineers, inventors, enterprises, and students capture, validate, and monetize their ideas, solutions, and innovations more effectively. IQ Ideas+ uses the same industry-leading, natural language AI engine that powers the solution platform. This enables users to find the most relevant, actionable insights effortlessly and effectively across millions of data points.

A Quicker Time to ROI

IQ Ideas+ offers the industry’s only concept novelty scoring tool for objective, data-backed decision-making. It quickly and effectively helps identify ideas that are ready to move forward in the innovation lifecycle as well as those that would benefit from additional iterations. Once a concept is ready, your IP experts can use the Technology Vitality Report feature to quickly capture comparative scoring, relevant patents, keywords, concepts, and more for other contributors in the innovation value chain. This helps fast-track ideas for securing funding, sending disclosures to Patent Review Committees, or obtaining grants.

Your Competitive Edge

Conducting a thorough landscape search into a technology area can be an intimidating task, but with IQ Ideas+, the overview analysis is fully automated. By using AI to focus this overview on only the most relevant technologies and companies, you can quickly focus your invention description on differentiators, or even identify new competitors or opportunities for partnership.

A More Efficient Way to Collaborate

With review-ready exportable reports, IQ Ideas+ improves collaboration between inventors and IP teams to reduce the overall time to patent. By avoiding costly back-and-forth between departments, while also reducing the need to outsource patentability studies, you can focus your patent committee discussions on relevant information and key strategic analysis.

IQ Ideas+ 2.0 is a complete innovation management solution that helps bring novel ideas to market faster.