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Business and Strategy

Learn where competitors are investing, map technology trends, and access patent and litigation data. Our business intelligence tools help innovative companies stay ahead of the competition and monetize their intellectual property.

Make strategic decisions about intellectual property with our business intelligence solutions.

In today’s fast-paced world, being able to see where your competitors are investing, map technology trends, and gain access to patent and litigation data allow you to make strategic business decisions about innovations. 

Intangible assets account for more than 80% of a company’s value. Protect and maximize your investment by staying ahead of the competition.’s business intelligence solutions identify technology trends and areas of heavy investment.

Our Corporate Tree, built with data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, matches patent and technical data to public and private company patent portfolios, their subsidiaries, and acquisitions. Combine this business intelligence with our semantic map to understand technology trends, industry direction, and how best to manage your company’s portfolio.

Our solutions will help with your overall business strategy by providing:
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Data
  • Licensing Opportunities

Venture capital companies use our software to gather data to evaluate the significance of a patent, if a specific industry has room to grow, and the possibility of infringement.’s Patent Vitality Report and Technology Vitality Report allow another view into the market for better due diligence when evaluating an investment in a company.

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